Friday, October 15, 2010

toot it and boot it

i met her in the club

then i said wassup

i took her to the crib

and you know i fucked

yea two of dem booties?

two of dem booties?

toot it and boot it??

thats why I toot and boot it???

i wasn't sure what this song was talking about for a long time.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ryan Murphy May Be Gay

but he loves him some bisexual cheerleaders.

Exhibit A from Nip/Tuck:

Exhibit B, Brittana on Glee:

Uploaded by tehdownloads. - Watch more LGBT videos.
Well scissor me timbers, its canon!

And as for Popular, although I do not recall any lesbionic Glamazon moments I do wonder if Breadstix is a part of the Croutons food chain or direct competition:

In addition, out actress Tammy Lynn Michaels starred in it, Jamie Babbit directed many episodes, Harrison's mom was outed as a lesbian at some point, and allegedly Ryan Murphy planned on having Sam come out as a lesbian.

just sayin' y'all

Monday, October 11, 2010


Hi blog!

did you know Hulu has a bunch of of Doogie Howser, M.D. on it? I've watched two episodes now and acceptable pedophilia seems to be a running theme.

Also, how much does this woman look like Robin from HIMYM?

oh and why do TV doctors always have such amazing hair?

that's all for now. Bye, Blog. Heart you.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


After a lengthy viewing of Tokyo Gore Police (slow but perfectly over-the-top) a friend suggested i check out Paprika, an anime adaption of a Yasutaka Tsutsui's novel of the same name. It involves a new psychotherapy device, the DC-mini, that allows people to record and watch dreams, as well as share dreams with others. Someone steals the device and madness ensues. Overall the plot is chaotic but fluid, dream-like in every way. It is also beautifully animated. go watch it! (instantly if you have Netflix).

Though the novel was published in 1993, it is only being translated into English this year. Here you can find the first 30 pages or so.

I've also started watching Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex in the hopes of finishing all 52 episodes before they expire from Netflix streaming video on April 1st.

Netflix also suggested i check out:

FLCL - "A rock 'n' roll psychedelic romp often compared to Yellow Submarine, Fooly Cooly (or FLCL) is a mind-bending visual rocket ride using anime aliens as allegory for teen angst. The protagonist, 12-year-old Naota, has his life changed forever when he's run over by a guitar-wielding woman on a Vespa. The woman, Haruko, causes a horn to grow from Naota's forehead, but that's just the beginning of adventures for this slightly cynical, lovesick hero."

Desert Punk - "In a futuristic Japan, where fate has transformed the once-lush landscape into the giant Kanto desert, the complexities of everyday life have pushed many to become criminals, and innocence, decency and heroism are scarce. Amid the chaos, a pint-sized bounty hunter named Sunabouzu (aka the Desert Punk) -- armed with a reputation for excellence and admittedly less-than-noble intentions -- is just looking for his next paycheck."

Dead Leaves - "After awakening on Earth with no recollection of who they are or how they got there, otherworlders Pandy and Retro go on a crime spree. But they're soon apprehended and sent to Dead Leaves, a high-tech prison on the moon, and discover that the facility is also used for cloning and bizarre genetic experiments. Before long, the duo enlists the aid of their deformed fellow inmates in an attempt to escape from the prison."

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lisa Hannigan

so irishly adorable

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Romantic Comedies <-----> Masochism

A friend and I have decided to podcast or webcast our reactions to romantic comedies. We began making a list to watch, good and bad (very bad) and were going to force our ways through it. Some we've seen, some we love, some we've never even heard of, but we'll model through it. We're thinking the order of movies we watch will be based on a Six Degrees of Separation of actors/actresses.

Sleepless in Seattle ---> You've Got Mail ----? Addicted To Love

ok so maybe thats just a block of Meg Ryan movies, but you get the point.

For the record the only romantic comedy i really love is Secretary but as it turns out there are quite a few that i enjoyed as a youth. Why? because i was 11 and am a closet Sandra Bullock fan.

The List:
  • You've Got Mail
  • Addicted To Love
  • The Truth About Cats & Dogs
  • My Super Ex-Girlfriend
  • Home Fries
  • Ever After
  • Even Cowgirls Get the Blues
  • The Lake House
  • Love Potion No. 9
  • The Princess Bride
  • Fool's Gold
  • Definitely, Maybe
  • Sweet Home Alabama
  • Hope Floats
  • Nights In Rodanthe

Obviously there are plenty of others, so please post youre propably sadistic suggestions

Thursday, February 26, 2009


i think i was at Disneyland and i had a pillow and suitcase with me. I realized i had a pipe and possibly drugs in my case so i went to get in line for the storage lockers where i saw a friend and also Mariah Carey who convinced us to get boob jobs.

earlier in the dream was a freezing house. except one floor that constantly had heaters. It was for the rich and had a bar made out of ice somehow and a young Caprica Six was there and she tried to seduce me, which was amusing.